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Brent Godwin has more than a dozen years of experience as a professional journalist and content writer. At his first job, he worked his way from the newsroom intern to researcher, then reporter. He has held three different editor roles and oversaw key digital aspects including website operation, social media, and email newsletter creation and strategy for a business newspaper and three B2B trade magazines. During his career Brent has excelled at producing accurate and engaging articles that inform readers on a variety of topics in business and law. Brent has been awarded and recognized for his work by groups including the Alabama Press Association, American City Business Journals, and the Florida Bar Association.

His work has appeared in the Citizen of East Alabama, Birmingham Business Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle, The Tributary (Jacksonville), Jacksonville Business Journal, Hosting, Virginia Business, and

Most recent work


Advocates for the Historic Eastside neighborhood are determined to revitalize it — on their own terms

Eastside residents are worried that the Four Seasons hotel may help kick off a wave of interest from investors who would buy up Eastside real estate and create a gentrification effect that would force them out of their homes.

Aerial view of house roofs in suburban neighborhood_in_mmd

Will moving jail spur downtown development?

For years, Jacksonville business leaders have talked about the need for the jail to be moved from such a high-profile spot in order to help spur more development along Bay Street. In fact, approximately 85% of leaders said they think the jail should be moved out of downtown. But experts say the issue isn’t as simple as it may seem.

Image by Wade Austin Ellis

Years of Turmoil Ahead in Florida Home Insurance Market

In the closing weeks of 2022, Florida lawmakers met in an extra session to try to fix the state's crumbling property insurance marketplace.

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